In Chain Joes, players are able to convert their effort into awesome rewards in three main ways.

Winning battles sends players up the ladder. Falling into high League based on the ladder provides players with loot boxes once in a cycle (1-7 days, TBD).

Players get tokens and NFTs from those boxes. So, with no money put into the game, players will be able to earn with skill. But that will take time and mastery.

Putting the same effort with NFT characters and equipment would provide players with higher ranking and so higher league with more/better rewards. So having NFT equipment and NFT Characters from the very beginning is a faster way to start earning.

Stake token to stabilize it. As holders of $CJ token, players will be able to stake it in exchange for a portion of the regular distribution of funds from the treasury, including exclusive NFT assets.

Stake your tokens by fusing them into your NFTs. Empower your characters, weapons, equipment and more!

Sell crafted NFTs. As holders of NFT equipment, players will be able to trade their assets on the marketplace.

Lend or Borrow! Web3 gives us incredible ways to enhance our gaming experience! Borrow a powerful weapon or character from different players, kick web3 enemies’ asses and split the reward. Can’t play this this week, but your powerhouse of a character is getting bored? Lend that character to someone else and share rewards together!

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