$CJ Taxes

A Current Requirement to Set ChainJoes Up for Long Term Success

The tax on each buy and sell will be announced closer to launch.

We see Uniswap as a start-up platform; you are investing in our vision; we intend to switch how we generate operating revenue from token taxes.

We recognize that for future growth it will be beneficial for the native token to remove taxes; as this will be a requirement for listing on Tier 1 exchanges. You can view the starting tax as a means to establish the token; long-term the real value is getting our name out there to the masses; and having our brand develop and evolve including becoming the number one Music NFT Marketplace.

While funds raised from initial NFT mints are used to cover artist fees, marketing expenses, fan rewards and some of CJ's cost of operations we also have taxes embedded in the secondary sales (resales) of our NFTs. These taxes are utilized for items such as operating costs, artist fees and token buy-backs. Currently NFTs are for resale on Opensea until the launch of our NFT Marketplace.

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