Chain Joes

Crew System

Monetization is by far the most serious challenge.
The crux of the issue is that the shooter gameplay doesn’t lend itself well to monetization, mainly because of the «even playing field». More specifically, the current gameplay shouldn’t offer any power progression, and therefore players cannot spend prior to playing; also, there are no opportunities to monetize during the gameplay to improve the odds of winning.
A clear power progression and a focus on slowing down players speed of progress are the two vectors to follow. NFT guns are more powerful than free ones, and give a bigger range of tactics. Same goes for NFT characters, and long-time staking would be impossible without NFT-contractors. Characters would come more as a result of a fuse process, while guns would be easier acquired by opening loot boxes.
We want to build a brand that players trust. A brand that is known to avoid excessive monetization mechanics always steering away from pay-to-win systems. Yet dedication to ultra-light and mainly cosmetics based monetization is also somewhat of a limiting factor to our games that require heavy investment to grow.