Chain Joes



Near future....
Billions of citizens in existing metaverses now have access to a new meta-jump technology. Using this technology, you can move between any metaverse in a second without paying for gas.
Those universes where meta-jumps are possible make up the Chain Verse.
There's been a tremendous economic boom thanks to meta-jumps. A colosseum city arose — the Chain Verse Arena, where fighters from all corners of the metaverse fight. Each fighter pursues his or her own goals, united by a desire to prove themselves the best warrior in the Chain Verse. These fighters are known as Chain Joes.
But the fights in the Chain Verse Arena for the Title of the Best did not amuse the pride of strong fighters for long, because bots, spammers and crypto hackers began to attack the DAO, causing chaos and destruction in their path...
There are clearly some organizations behind these entities, because their activities have recently become too organized.... The DAO of the Chain Verse Arena decided to use the forces of the fighters not only for the entertainment of the public, but also to carry out special missions to clear the metaverses of enemies....
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