Chain Joes


MLc s9 is one of the 10 newest bots created as part of the experimental development of metaverse A2, engaged in the creation of spam bots. These bots were supposed to be the ultimate creations, allowing them to bypass all current firewalls.
Bots do not have their own consciousness, they are machines. They are controlled.
However, in the very first mission, critical firmware errors were detected in all 10 bots, which allowed them to show true intelligence and escape. A2, whose sponsorship is supported by large corporations, could not allow perfect bots to roam the metaverses. They are hunting for them to eliminate the threat.
MLc s9 changed his name to MiLcy and became one of the Chain fighters. Only here does he feel protected by the DAO and hidden from the corporations.
He is here to reveal a dark truth… A truth the universe may not be ready for!