Chain Joes


Earth X300 has reached the peak of development and formed its own system. People live in prosperity, and technology works for the benefit of humanity to deliver comfort and security.
Sam is a member of the special guard, which was created to ensure the security of the DAO. Now, at the age of 28, after 5 years of service, he’s been forced to retire. Technology has developed so much in this world that it no longer needs special protection forces — the firewall protects everything too well.
Sam was restless which hindered his promotions. Unlike his colleagues, he did not want his ‘well-deserved retirement.’ He needed more and sought adventure — a chance to fight with all his might and test himself in battle once more.
When he heard about Chain Joes, he knew that this was the best place to make use of his abilities. He doesn't have a deeper purpose — he just loves to fight for fame, glory and women. This has always driven his ambitions. Now he’s ready to prove himself as a gladiator in the arena — the pure love of the fight fueling his desire to win.
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