Chain Joes


Shaan has been a member of a cybercriminal gang from the Cyberizzz metaverse for many years.
Due to the overabundance of various advanced technologies inside the city, it can “lag”, leaving locations distorted and merging into each other. Some places within the city have been lost to lag forever — these zones are called Limbo.
After installing another mechanical implant in his body, he himself began to lag, due to a virus or some kind of malfunction in the implant. Over time, the implant began to change his personality. Once gloomy and arrogant, he began to find a sense of humor and some passion for life, distancing him from his previous bandit calling.
But it was not all good news. With the development of intelligence, the virus began to affect his health and his physical well-being. Now he does what he can to slow down the degradation of his body. His insatiable love of technology allows him to create ideal partners — drones that protect his withering body.
He became a Chain fighter to find an antidote among the best fighters alive.
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