Chain Joes

PVE Campaign

An additional PVE branch of the game gives players the chance to protecting the DAO from various enemies who have invaded the metaverses. Among the challenging enemies you will face are hackers, spammers and scammers who seek to steal your funds.


Concept art
The Spammers faction is based on fast and slashing movements, chaotic choice of targets, defiant and unpredictable behavior. It’s nearly impossible to dodge their attacks because you never know what the next target will be. But you can try!


Concept art
Intelligent and technological formations that use small reprogrammed bots as cannon fodder. This faction is based on the strongest programming skills, technical skills and hacking. Protect yourself as much as possible!


Concept art
Scammers fraction is based on hallucinations, illusions and fakes. The characters are very sneaky, selfish and ruthless. Some can be fast and loud, and some can be slow and persuasive. But don’t get caught out by their tricks or you’re finished!
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