Chain Joes


Chain Joes now has a comprehensive team across all key verticals.

With a team of 50+ people, we have a strong competitive advantage by combining both blue-chip game development and business operations experience, allowing us to be nimble and quick while maintaining the highest standarts of quality.
Blockchain CTO, Co-founder - Christiaan van Steenbergen
CEO, Co-founder - Mike Sykora
Chief Product Officer - Gary Yankovich
Chief Operating Officer - Darcy Maltseva
Head of Management - Katerina Dziatlova
Game Development partner - Red Rift
Creative producer - Maya Kostenkova
Creative - Hanna Valasheniuk
Head of Graphic design - Stacy Naumenko
Graphic Designer - Veronica Yasulevich
Head of 3D arts - Paul Ivuts
3D artist - Alex Andriyashko
3D artist - Dimitri Shatsila
Motion designer - Artsem Bautrukevich
Developer - Alex Karaychentsev
SMM Manager - Roman Zhirov
Motion Designer - Kirill Pestovsky