Chain Joes
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Vision & Mission

Our team is united by a love of gaming, and we are all to familiar with the challenges and issues surrounding blockchain gaming. As such, we know how to solve them and exactly what needs to be done to become the leader of the mobile gaming market among Isometric Action Shooters.
Сhain Joes vision is to establish a true Play-and-Earn ecosystem based on high-end gameplay. Our vision is based on 6 principles:

1. The next level of P2E — Play AND Earn model

Our Play-And-Earn model evolved from the P2E framework. It puts the focus back on providing real, quality, gaming entertainment first which leads to a sustainable, open game economy.
With Play-and-Earn we aim to build value with gameplay. Providing a high entertainment game encourages players to keep playing and seeking valuable rewards they can spend in the game to improve their gameplay experience and develop their character and skills. P2E games are pretty much as they sound — users play them to earn currency. The problem is that the imbalance of resources entering and leaving the game makes building a sustainable economy very challenging.
Our team is building a long-value game, not a gamified financial tool like all IDLE games.
The Сhain Joes team are all gamers themselves, so we want to give all players an interesting and free gaming experience. The best players will have to prove their skill in the Arena and will be able to earn the best rewards!

2. Focus on the gameplay and mechanics

Gameplay is always determined by the mechanics of the game, which should captivate the gamer and make them spend at least 20-30 minutes a day playing it. If play-to-earn mechanics dominate a game, then it is not a game, but merely a gamified earning tool. NFT games are often too focused on earning mechanics, and many players only play them for that reason. We are not building a gamified financial instrument. We are building a real high-end game.
Our game is built on the well-proven isometric action battle arena mechanics, irrespective of how much NFT is on the market. It's fun and it works. We will use NFTs and blockchain to enhance the gaming experience and open new avenues that were previously not possible.
In addition to the classic PVP mode, where the ranked match function will be available, we have specially made a funny and fun concept for our PVE mode in the game.
In our Chain Joes mobile game, everything is from the real web3, so the villains in it are Hackers, Spammers and Scammers! Gamers will have to fight them, protecting the DAO from their attempts to steal our assets, spam our mail or try to sell us shit coins. We will expose them together and clear the DAO of all threats!
All this will be relevant with the current state of the market! Imagine enemies with the face of Samuel Bankman-Fried, who attack the metaverse and try to block your wallets. Time to fight back!

3. Free to play

Many players want to play games while earning. A major limitation of existing NFT games is their high entry barrier.
Chain Joes is a mobile-native game available to download for free. This makes it easy to onboard millions of players. Many traditional players won't play NFT games if they have to invest a certain amount of money, but the more players, the better the battle. Pay to Play would limit the expansion of our game. ‌ ‌

4. Focus on long-term benefit

As the P&E market is in its early stages of development, we do not want to sell 10k NFT collections.
Our vision is to provide free access to the game, and for early support we will offer an «Initial battle package».
It will only be available for early supporters to include NFT characters, NFT weapons and exp boosters which will give a boost to the players’ progress at the initial stage.

5. Easy access to non-crypto players

The NFT ecosystem is a relatively new technology, and many gamers are unfamiliar with it, so they encounter difficulties when joining the game. Despite NFTs bringing new layers of gameplay and depth to videogames, most projects don't consider that most people might find them too technical and difficult to use.
It's time to bridge the gap with traditional gamers.
Our onboarding program helps users get used to NFT technologies step-by-step, so they can start playing right away. We understand the pain of a lot of users who are just getting started with NFT technologies.

6. With love, for fun

We grew up during the boom of the gaming industry and became real geeks who appreciate interesting games. This led us to the desire to create games and bring joy to the players. That’s ehy we are here to do it in web3!
Wish us good luck, and GL HF folks!
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